A reflection of things to come.

It’s been several years now since I unlocked Second Winter. While casting a true spell in the manner I did was foolhardy—my hand must still be hidden at all times—what I learned from the complete work has gained me much prestige in the academy.

In presenting the spell’s inner workings to my…peers…much has been made of its applications. I understand my sacrifices have lead to both bettering the lives of those outside the capital, but also have been instructional in creating more discrete methods of warfare for the enemies of our masters.

More importantly, instead of working outside its walls, I now live and work within the capital. Moreover, my license is accepted as fact (even though no one quite remembers the process of my application) and I now have full access to the Biblios Arcanum. With its knowledge, I will unlock more than any other, and I will be my own master.

I look outside my tower rooms and see buskers in the streets below and I think of the only person to show me a kindness—Lir. Despite his betrayal and the days of near starvation his actions brought upon me, I think of him fondly. Were we to meet again, I would show him the kindness of teaching him what lessons I’ve learned:

  1. The world is a hard place; take what you can as best you can.
  2. Friendship makes the taking easier.

Power 1 | Focus 0 | Perfect Control

Bonds: Lir
Spells: Second Winter
Scars: Mutated and Marred

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