A reflection.

17 years of work distilled to a position: I now sit on the academic council. My work has proven again and again to nothing short of revolutionary, such that—were I a less cunning man—I’d have been discovered by the questers years ago.

My new position allows me further insight into these lands. It is easy to see how my spells and the treatises written by lesser wizards continue to shape our world. It is clear that my work has made our land a power within this world: our reach is cyclopean and our might legion. It is the behemoth before the leviathan.

Since the cracking of my hand, Iqq comes to me now in my dreams. So now it is Apep in the day, and Iqq in the night. As time goes on, I’m less certain that Iqq is anything but another reflection of myself, much like Apep. I surprise myself with mine own hidden aptitudes!

At times, I think of the poor masses, beholden to masters seen and unseen. Be it the capital, a lord, or even the Gorscht, they are eaten up, all. Yet, somehow, they band together.

Could I do so, also? Knowing they would betray me, like my village, dear Lir or the hounds of the academy? It may be as simple as a kindness without expectation of reciprocity. I know not.

It is time to cease these useless thoughts. At least I have Apep and Iqq, even if they are creations of my own design.

At least, I have myself.

Power 2 | Focus 0 | Control: Cracked

Bonds: None
Spells: Second Winter | The Sanctity of Punishment | The Dark Seal of Mathematics
Scars: Mutated and Marred | Bewitched by the Ring

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