[The mechanical run-through]

Thus ends Enzo, a pitiable monster.

For those who are interested, here’s the mechanical run through this game of The Magus. Generally, each heading is a blog post.

00> Origin

  • Pr(ompt) 1—what is magic like?
    Rolled 3 (forbidden), 7 (academic), and 12 (Demons grant access)
  • Pr 2—Your talent reveals itself
    Rolled 3 (the vagabond)
  • Pr 3—Your desire
    Totally glossed over this one entirely. Worked out.
  • Pr 4—Beginning your Quest
    Rolled 3 (accident/exile)

01> Bond

  • Pr 1—Encounter someone
    Rolled 3 (single father /w twins), 6 (pale-skinned shyster), 1 (ultimately mundane)
  • Pr 2—How did you meet?
    Rolled 3 (needed help)
  • Gain: 1 bond (Lir)

04> Bond | 05> Spell: Second (4) Winter (1)

  • Pr 1—Encounter
    Rolled 3 (Sailor /w lights in their eyes)

  • Pr 1—describe a lair and how it shows your lack of skill
  • Difficulty 7—d8 d10 d12—1 success.
  • Gain: Scar (mutated and marred)


  • Pr 1—How do your bonds humanize you?
  • Pr 2—What signs do you see of great things?

08> Spell: Sanctity (2) of Punishment (3)

  • Pr 1—Find an artifact that whispers and tempts you. Find also a stranger giving warning. What do you do?
  • Difficulty 8—d8 d10 d12—1 success.
    Gain: Scar (Bewitched by the Ring)

11> Spell: Dark (2) + Seal (3) of Mathematics (4)

  • Pr 1—dream of other realms and visited by individuals. Who are they? What do they beseech you to do? Do you accept?
  • Trade 1 Bond for Power +1
  • Difficulty 9—d10 d10 d12—0 sucesses
  • Perfect control > cracked control (risk of calamity+d8)


  • Pr 1—Your actions are making a difference, how?
  • Pr 2—How has the world noticed?
  • Pr 3—What kind of human or creature would it take to open up?

12> Spell: Hallowing (5) + Judgment (5) of Warforged (2)

  • Pr 1—A waif comes to tell you to forget your spell; it’s heckin’ bad. How is she right? How did you try to ignore or silence her?
  • Difficulty 9—d10 d10 d12—0 successes | calamity—d8—pass
  • Cracked Control > Broken Control (calamity d8 > d4)

14> Spell: Midnight (2) + Haunting (5) of Decadent (3) + Future (6) | Calamity

  • Pr 1—who are the sinister supernatural forces attached to this spell? how? What do they want, and what do they do?
  • Difficulty 10—d10 d10 d12—1 success | calamity—d4—fail
  • Calamity
    Rolled 3—spell consumes humans, stealing the souls of all in the land.

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